Mobitouch Inc.
Omni-channel solution for Retail & F&B business


What is the omni channel solution?

Omni channel is a solution to improve customer buying experience by providing a seamless connection from Online to Offline.

+ Omni-channel shopping, allowing customers to research, purchase and pay for products via multiple channels, and allowing retailers to fulfill and service orders from multiple locations.

+ Powerful cloud report let managers know their business status in real-time

+ Integrating all devices in store: Cutting the process by half with Sync all orders in real-time to all staffs so they can deploy the work more quickly to customers.

+ All-in-one solution allows business owner to track their business in many aspects: from inventory, staffs, orders, customers, transportation etc.

Why using omni-channel solution?

+ Reaching as many as customers as possible & Deliver new experience:
The booming of social media and all kinds of online businesses leads to the inevitable trend: selling everywhere. Omni-channel retail solution is a perfect solution to reach potential customers and deliver new experience for in-store customers.

+ Cutting cost:

Operation cost and employee theft cost account for 30% – 50% of the expenses. By cutting these costs. Cloud POS system can prevent theft cost by real-time report. Real-time connection is the key to cut operation cost.

+ Centralized report:
Traditional POS system gather data quite effective, but there is a huge problem when it comes to the era of e-commerce. There is no way a traditional system could gather information and send to one spot. Moreover, it is not easy to manage when the business scales up and open new sale points. It is impossible for a traditional gather information to headquarter. Decentralized system is a powerful system for decision-maker to have the overall business status so they can take action faster.

What are POSapp Omni-channel solution benefits?

+  Widen your reach: Your presentation on multiple channels gets more customers

+ Branding your business: Your appearance on many platforms creates more touchpoints for your customers. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to level up your credibility.

+ Happy customers, easy to close deal:

No matter what platform your customers are on, you are still able to give them the ability to buy whenever and however they want.