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continuous innovation
Continuous innovation

Advancement is very crucial to a business since it is driven by the need of customers. Hence, we will always keep moving forward to ensure that true value is delivered to our customers and partners.

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customer centric
Customer centric core value

Our customers are acknowledged as the reason for the successful business of Mobitouch. Therefore, we are committed to not only listen to the need of customers  but also serve  with the most passionate attitude.

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Integrity commitment

We are a five-year company that is stamped with the hallmark of integrity as the essential of maintaining customer trust is deeply carved in our mind. Therefore, we always try our best to behave with the most integrity.


  • Smart cost reduction

It is estimated that developing a basic app requires a company at least 10 thousand dollar. According to that theory, to develop or purchase many different platform apps, you will need to double or triple that number. Obviously, the total investing money is “huge”. Of course, still there are companies which are able and willing to afford this. Nevertheless, this number is unacceptable to many business owners as cost reduction has always been the top priority in business operation. So why double the money when you can eliminate it to maximum with cross-platform app development services?

  • Better audience reach

Cross-platform app development service enables access from different platform users as Android users and IOS users which may help your company to reach a broader market of audience and increase revenue.

  • Uniformity in design

An app can never be considered as a successful app if UX (User Experience) is not match with the quality of the app. In app building and developing field, User Experience is always regarded as the most crucial element among other elements. If the developers cannot bring out the best and enjoyable experience for users, that whole project is obviously a failure. With cross-platform app development service deployment, all of your users are always delivered a smooth and enjoyable experience when uniformity in design across all platform interafce occupies on any kind of devices they are using to access the app.

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  • Easy maintenance and update

As there is only one app to maintain and update,  app developing team only needs to address code changes once for bug fixes and update release. In addition, in comparison with the maintenance cost of multiple platform apps, the maintenance cost of on app is much lower.

  • Reusable codes

Another amazing feature for business owner to consider choosing cross-platform app development instead of other native apps is the feature of reuseable codes. Cross-platform app development allows developers to reuse the code over and over again by using the written codes already then exporting the app to many operating systems and platforms in place of creating apps for individual platforms. Due to that, app developing team can decrease the amount of time to release the app to public and exploit the saved time for other future projects.

  • Optimizing development resources

With cross-platform app development service, mobilizing and coordinating different teams for developing, testing, and maintaining separate platform apps is inessential.  Besides,you will not have to spend more money on training your developing team on particular language or hire someone else with efficient required skill since  your developing team only needs to master one language.d


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